Managed WordPress Hosting

Affordable Managed VPS delivering blazing fast WordPress Sites.

Blazing Fast SSD Servers and Advanced Caching

Our insanely fast lightweight stack will make your site 200% faster.

managed cloud


Using fast SSD storage with RAID configuration to achieve high IO performance.

Enterprise Class Processors

High frequency processors designed to boost performance of websites and applications.

NGINX, Apache or PHP-FPM

Lightweight stack Web Server using NGINX and optimized Apache.

PHP 7 and 8 Support

Get the best performance of your scripts with the latest PHP version.

Memcached and Redis

The power of Caching can speed up your site drastically.

HTTP/2 Support

Deliver fast websites and improve SEO by leveraging the power of HTTP/2.

Simple and Predictable Pricing

No calculator needed. No long-term contract.

Starter 1GB
1GB Memory
1 Core
500GB Bandwidth
2GB Memory
1 Core
1TB Bandwidth
4GB Memory
2 Cores
1TB Bandwidth
8GB Memory
4 Cores
2TB Bandwidth

Enterprise Network and Global Data Centers

Cutting-edge Network. Redundant Backbones. Enterprise Data Centers.

Enterprise Data Centers

Low latency by choosing from global data centers (US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa).

Best Network Speed

We deliver fast network with redundant backbones and gigabit switches.

Anycast DNS

Improved site performance, fast load time and end-user experience.

Managed Off-site Backups, Security and Monitoring

Our best effort to make your servers safe and secure.

System Updates and Patches

We monitor systems updates and vulnerability patches to keep the servers secure and up to date.

Proactive Monitoring

Keeping your servers always online is our priority. Proactive solutions for unresponsive servers.

Managed Off-site Backups

Always be prepared. Hardware can fail. Natural disaster can happen.

Preconfigured Firewall

Readily configured ports to prevent intruders in accessing your server from the open.

Brute force detection

The interweb is dangerous by nature. In-place blacklist system to prevent unauthorized access.

HTTPS / SSL Certificates

Keep your users safe and secure, and put trust in your website by using HTTPS/SSL.

User-friendly Dashboard and Simple Hosting Control Panel

Easilly manage your servers and websites from the dashboard and simple hosting control panel.

managed cloud

Website Management

Create websites and install SSL Certificates from hosting control panel.

Database Management Tools

Manage your database via hosting control panel and phpMyAdmin.

User Management

Add more FTP accounts, manage users, or reset passwords easily.

Simple Cron Job Manager

Manage your cron jobs easily with cron job manager.

Firewall Management

Block ports easily or allow only certain IPs via firewall interface.

Root and SSH Access

You get total control. Access your server securely via SSH, FTP/SFTP, SCP.

We are always here to help 24/7. Making life easier for you.

Our Hosting Superstars are ready to help and manage your servers.

24x7 Technical Support

Get support from real people. Our staff can help you in setup, maintenance and optimization.

DNS Support

Unlike other hosting, we provide DNS support like adding or updating DNS records.

Web Server Support

Need extra help in cnofiguring htaccess or other apache/nginx settings? We are here to the rescue.

PHP Settings Support

Optimizing your PHP settings could be sometimes tricky. We can lend a hand.

Database Support

Configuring your MySQL database could be a pain sometimes. Our staff can do it for you.

Systems App Installation

You need other systems? We can install it for you. Just open a ticket, as easy as that.

Boost your Site Performance with Premium Add-ons

Extra services you need to improve your site performance and security.

Managed Cloud DNS


With Anycast DNS you can improve the user experience of your site. Fast propagation.

Email Hosting


We do the maintenance of email systems. Anti-Spam included. Avoid the junk folder.

SMTP Services


High delivery rate. Prevent blacklisting. Spam filtering. Real time stats.

Off-site Backups


Be prepared when disaster strikes. Backups are stored in separate location.

Our Difference

You get at least a VPS. Optimized Servers to deliver fast websites.

Reduced server load for maximum performance

By default we offload other systems from your server to maximize the resources and performance.

Advanced caching with Memcached and Redis

Our tech support can install and setup advanced caching on your server to achieve high-speed sites.

Faster sites with NGINX

We use NGINX to cache static files. NGINX is used by thousands of big sites. Most Managed Hosting providers don't offer NGINX.

Cloud hosting made simple and easy

Just a few clicks and your cloud server is ready. No need to learn the infrastructure or the complexity of the cloud hosting systems.

Preconfigured Firewall and brute force detection

All ports are blocked and only needed ports are open. Anti-Brute force attack is also in place.

Optimized initial server setup

MySQL, PHP and Apache are already optimized upon setup. Our tech support can further tweak the settings when needed.

Customer Reviews

"BryZar offered a much better value than what I have experienced with other providers, and I plan to be a long-time customer!"

Katie - Musician

"Their service is stable, reliable, and works round the clock. 10/10 would host with Bryzar again."

Tyler - Blogger

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions? Contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Paypal, Credit Card and Wire Transfer. We are still working on adding other payment gateways.

Q. How long does it take for the server to be ready?

First payment will be manually verified by our staff within 24 hours.

Q. My script/app have special requirements can you help me?

Absolutely! Just send a support ticket after you create the server and our tech will set it up.

Free Sign up. No credit card required. FREE migration.

Get the best performance of the most affordable Managed VPS.