Managed Cloud VPS

Blazing fast SSD servers powered by Intel and NGINX.

Cloud 1GB
1GB Memory
1 Core
25GB SSD Storage
1TB Bandwidth
Cloud 2GB
2GB Memory
1 Core
40GB SSD Storage
2TB Bandwidth
Cloud 4GB
4GB Memory
2 Cores
60GB SSD Storage
3TB Bandwidth
Cloud 8GB
8GB Memory
4 Cores
100GB SSD Storage
4TB Bandwidth
Larger Plans
Plans PriceMemoryCoresStorageBandwidth 
Cloud 16GB $115/mo16GB6 cores200GB SSD5TB
Cloud 32GB $195/mo32GB8 cores300GB SSD6TB
Cloud 64GB $355/mo64GB16 cores400GB SSD10TB

Extra bandwidth is $0.07 per gb.

Deploy your website in a Cloud Server easily.

1. Deploy a server

Easily deploy a server from the dashboard. Optimized and ready for your script.

2. Set DNS or nameserver

Change your domain nameserver or just point your DNS record to your server IP.

3.Launch your app

Install your app with one-click. Over 400+ apps available.

Advanced Cloud Features

Enterprise Network and Data Centers

100% Network Uptime. Reduce latency by choosing from 11 global (US, Europe, Asia, Australia) data center locations.

Fast and Easy Scaling

Resize your server with one-click with minimal to no downtime.

Cloud Monitoring

Maximize your uptime with our FREE PROACTIVE monitoring service.

Fast Redundant SSDs

No spinning drives. We use Enterprise SSD with RAID for fast I/O.

Off-site Backups

Hardware fails and has a lifespan. Be prepared. We've got your back.

Private Networking

Own your network. Secure communications between your servers.

Hosting Support

Free 24x7 hosting support by our Hosting Superstars.

We are always here to help you manage and maintain your servers. All servers are fully managed and our support is available 24x7x365.

Our tech support also offers FREE installation.

Additional Features

  • Free Migration
  • Free Email
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Free SSL
  • root/SSH Access
  • NGINX and Apache
  • PHP5/PHP7 Support
  • Unlimited Database
  • Easily add Cron Jobs
  • Easy DNS Management
  • rDNS Support
  • IPv4/IPv6 Support

Supported Apps

  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Concrete5
  • Vanilla Forums
  • phpBB Forums
  • Magento
  • Boonex
  • SocialEngine
  • Phpfox
  • Oxwall
  • and other PHP scripts

Offload your media files to Large Redundant Storage Servers.

If you need to load thousands of images, video files or other large media/static files you can use our storage servers. Intergrate your site via plugin or connect through FTP/SFTP/SCP.

Starting only at $2/month per 100GB disk space.

Big Storage

Our Difference

Most of what we offer is not offered by others.

Reduced server load for maximum performance

By default we offload other systems from your server to maximize the resources and performance.

Advanced caching with Memcached and Redis

Our tech support can install and setup advanced caching on your server to achieve high-speed sites.

Faster sites with NGINX

We use NGINX to cache static files. NGINX is used by thousands of big sites. Most Managed Hosting providers don't offer NGINX.

Cloud hosting made simple and easy

Just a few clicks and your cloud server is ready. No need to learn the infrastructure or the complexity of the cloud hosting systems.

Preconfigured Firewall and brute force detection

All ports are blocked and only needed ports are open. Anti-Brute force attack is also in place.

Optimized initial server setup

MySQL, PHP and Apache are already optimized upon setup. Our tech support can further tweak the settings when needed.

Affordable Prices and Flexible Billing

Prorated and Daily billing

You can resize/scale or cancel a server anytime and the billing will be prorated base on daily usage.

Very affordable Managed Cloud Servers

Some shared hosting are even more expensive. You get a managed server with us which is either for lower price or a few dollars difference.

Money-back Guarantee. No setup fees. No long term contracts.

Unlike others we do not charge for setup fees. In addition we offer 7-day Money-back Guarantee on the smallest plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you offer cpanel?

No. We do not offer cpanel at the moment. It does not support NGINX.

Q. Do you offer domain registration?

At the moment we do not offer domain registration. Hopefully in the near future.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we only accept Paypal. We are still working on adding other payment gateways.

Q. I have created the server and paid, what now?

If it is your first time to create a server then your payment will be manually approved within minutes after we verify.

Q. What is the default PHP version installed?

We install PHP 7 by default. If you require PHP 5 please submit a ticket after creating the server.

Q. My script/app have special requirements can you help me?

Absolutely! Just send a support ticket after you create the server and our tech will set it up.

Still on shared hosting or slow VPS? We offer FREE migration.

Get the best performance of the most affordable Managed VPS.